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Thanks to Pitia is a high performance implementation our servers are able to manage thousands of requests per second resulting in very competitive prices.
The prices below are expressed by Shard, each Shard is able to handle up to the specified request per second, and store up to the specified number of elements.
The elements stored in a Shard refers to the number of classifications stored on it, for instance, if 20 different users that have classified an average of 5 elements, we will have 100 elements stored on this Shard.
Pitia uses a LRU policy in order to store in memory the newest classifications removing the old classifications when the limit of the number of elements are reached, on this way the system is able to adapt the recommendations to the last trends in your application.

Small - $ 0,0097 / hour
  • Requests per second: 50
  • Insert Requests per second: 200
  • Max number of stored elements: 2.000.000

Medium - $ 0,0222 / month
  • Requests per second: 150
  • Insert Requests per second: 600
  • Max number of stored elements: 6.000.000

Large - $ 0,0361 / month
  • Requests per second: 250
  • Insert Requests per second: 1.000
  • Max number of stored elements: 10.000.000
X-Large - $ 0,0625 / hour
  • Requests per second: 500
  • Insert Requests per second: 2.000
  • Max number of stored elements: 20.000.000

XX-Large $ 0,1194 / hour
  • Requests per second: 1.000
  • Insert Requests per second: 2.000
  • Max number of stored elements: 30.000.000
* During the first month you can use two Small instances with no charge!
All the prices are expressed by Shard. Remember that the first Shard of a group is always composed by two Shards but you will be charged just by one. Please have in consideration that one of the Shards can be off-line, in order to provide the best user experience to your clients, please try to reserve enough Shards to cover all the needs when one of the Shards is down.