Cases Of Use

Item recommendations based on direct measurements

This kind of interest measurement on the products is one of the most commons on some streaming applications, online stores, etc.
For instance, you could add a rating system based on a number of stars, like a movies classification based on a 0 to 5 stars system. Based on the previous user classifications for the movies we will be able to predict what are the best movies for each user.
This is an easy and direct way, but sometimes the users lie about its preferences or prefer not to classify some controverted items. In order to improve the recommendations for this cases you can use indirect measurements.

Item recommendations based on indirect measurements

If you don't have any rating system implemented in your site, don't worry you can use any kind of indirect measurement of the user interest for the items, usually this kind of measurement is more precise than a direct measurement, behavior never lies.

This kind of actions can determine the interest of a user in the product:
Note: Take care of the bots, a bot like Google, Bing, etc can have an arbitrary behaviour that doesn't give any value to the collected data, try to avoid sending this information to Pitia.