Real-Time & Highly Scalable Recommender System

Improve the way your users explore your products!

How Pitia Works

That's all!, Pitia is a super easy way to recommend items to your customers based in one of the most accurate recommendation algorithms, we will store the data in a safety way, process it and generate recommendations on the fly!
Pitia is able to scale according to your present and future needs.

High Availability

Each group is conformed by at least 2 Shards, and each shard is allocated on a different physical machine in order to assure that if one of our servers goes down, your customers will continue receiving the best service. That's why always the first Shard in a group is composed by two Shards at the same price as a single one.
All the provided classifications are persisted in a safe storage system separated from our data centers in order to guarantee that in the worst case scenario we can have the systems up and running with the latest provided information in a question of minutes.

Management Panel

Management Panel

From the Management panel you will be able to:


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Small - $ 0,0097 / hour
  • Requests per second: 50
  • Insert Requests per second: 200
  • Max number of stored elements: 2.000.000

Medium - $ 0,0222 / hour
  • Requests per second: 150
  • Insert Requests per second: 600
  • Max number of stored elements: 6.000.000

Large - $ 0,0361 / month
  • Requests per second: 250
  • Insert Requests per second: 1.000
  • Max number of stored elements: 10.000.000
X-Large - $ 0,0625 / hour
  • Requests per second: 500
  • Insert Requests per second: 2.000
  • Max number of stored elements: 20.000.000

XX-Large $ 0,1194 / hour
  • Requests per second: 1500
  • Insert Requests per second: 2.000
  • Max number of stored elements: 30.000.000
* During the first month you can use two Small instances with no charge!
All the prices are expressed by shard. Remember that the first shard of a group is always composed by two shards but you will be charged just by one. Please have in consideration that one of the shards could be off-line, in order to provide the best user experience, please try to reserve enough shards to cover all the needs when one of the shards is down.


We hope to open the system to the public soon, but in the meantime if you want to try Pitia, and you explain us how you would plan to use it, we could grant you enough shards to fulfill expectations!